Supply Planning

Plan for what you need to do to meet forecasted demand and how to do it. Supply Planning is a business-planning process, where decision are made to align forecasted demand with capacity requirements, inventory levels, availability of raw materials and the existing physical supply chain network. Optimizing the supply chain many trade-offs will be made. These are trade-offs between inventory, flexibility, transportation routes, lot sizes etc. Visibility of these elements allows companies to plan ahead for seasonality, promotions and tight capacities. When you what think you are going to sell and know how and what you are going to make what are the costs and profits involved when doing so. The demand plan and supply plan should be validated and aligned with the financial objectives of the company. The supply chain functions will need to be tightly integrated with finance to be able to manage the financial trade offs appropriately.
Plan&Improve helps organizations to streamline the supply chain planning process:

  • • Analyze inventory and position it to support demand
  • • Planning process and system assessment
  • • Management of new product introductions
  • • Planning process and planning system implementation
  • • Cost and Profit planning and optimization
  • • Anchor process in the organization by supply planner support
  • • Package evaluation and selection
  • • Anchor process in the organization by demand planner support