Demand Planning

Plan for what you think you are going to sell. Demand Planning is a business-planning process, which enables sales (and customers) to develop demand forecasts as input to service-planning processes, production, inventory planning and revenue planning. Creating a good and solid demand plan is a cross organizational effort of sales (and customers), finance and supply chain. Plan&Improve helps organizations to develop, implement and improve their demand planning process. It should be a value added process supported throughout the organization instead of a set of numbers created to feed other planning processes.
Plan&Improve helps organizations to streamline the demand planning process:

  • • Analyze and understand demand and demand variability
  • • Process design and cross organizational support and responsibility
  • • Assess the use and support of statistical forecasting
  • • Definition of appropriate performance indicators
  • • Current IT systems capability assessment
  • • Package evaluation and selection
  • • Implement process and system
  • • Anchor process in the organization by demand planner support