Supply Chain Network Design

Demand is continuously changes, market conditions are changing more rapidly than ever, product life cycles are getting shorter, and sustainability is relevant nowadays. Companies need to answer questions like, should I make or buy, where to build my new plant or warehouse, where to place my (safety) inventory and how ‘green’ is my supply chain, more frequently than in the past. Supply Chain Network Design is a process that defines your supply chain, helping you determine the optimal network, location, and size of facilities necessary to meet your current and future business needs and align those with the strategic direction of the company. Many supply chain issues including supply chain network design require a quantitative framework for this analysis. Various scenarios need to be evaluated and compared to decide between the alternatives.

Supply Chain Assessment

Not all supply chains function at the same level of effectiveness. The goal of a Plan&Improve Supply Chain Assessment is to develop a road map for business process changes and the introduction of software that will provide improvements in costs and efficiency. Every business is different so is yours. It’s our goal to outline a structure that fits the best for your company and not measure and assess your business performance against a best practice template.


Outline processes Frame the companies supply chain processes in as a set of competencies, Planning for Demand, Planning for Supply, Planning for Production, Schedule for Production, Master Data Management, Inventory Management, Manage Demand, Manage Product Portfolio, Collaboration in your network
Indentify Improvements Within each of these competencies indentify improvements, which can compasses of a change in process, system, or people
Actionable Steps Define an approach with actionable steps to implement these improvements, the basis of a project plan for implementing these changes
Measure and Follow Up Tie specific measureable criteria for each of the steps. For each of the actions measure and follow up on progress and value of the improvements.

Supply Chain Technology Assessment

For more about our technology assesment please go to: Technology