Technology can drive company’s competitive advantage, but to achieve this it will need to be applied correctly. A Supply Chain compasses of complex processes which are supported with complex systems and architecture. Hybrid system landscapes and technologies with different ERP backbones are not uncommon and require supply chain systems to act as the ‘glue’ between them. Plan&Improve has experiences with these complex landscapes and technologies, with different databases platforms, middleware, interfaces and have the required architectural and technology skill set to make a difference throughout implementations.

Technology Assessment

What kind of technology is available in the marketplace? Will it add value to my company? Is my ERP not capable of supporting my supply chain management processes? Is it really necessary to implement complex supply chain management tools or advanced planning and/or scheduling systems? All valid questions where Plan&Improve can help you find the answers. With our Supply Chain Management Technology Assessment we look at your business, processes, and organization, what is your organizational readiness, what will add value and will likely provide the return on investment? Our technology assessment is focused on those systems which support the supply chain and their relationship to the overall performance. Plan&Improve will offer you a Supply Chain Systems roadmap, a structured approach towards improving your supply chain management by using technology and system available on the market. We will help you evaluate the different vendors and manage the selection process.